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August 17th, 2012, 10:52 AM
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My cousin has been talking to me about her own sexual orintation lately. She's devolped feelings for one of her female friends and is questioning if she's ever really been intreasted in guys or just did what she was told to do. She lives with us, and even though I'm not really her mom, I'm the closest she's got right now.

She's always known I'm gay. Mostly because her parents referred to me as "Sadie the d.yke whose going to hell" (which is much longer then just Sadie), but she's always been accepting. She never understood why her parents had such an issue with gay people.

I talked extensivly with my parents about my sexuality, and sexuality in general. They were always "You can love who you love" type hippie people. But when I started to hit puberty, I started being a little more friendly with my female friends. My mom asked if I thought I might like girls, I said I did, but that I liked boys too. She explained that was called being bi-sexual, that it was just fine, and that my father was bi-sexual too. My parents are total PFLAG parents. I'm not sure they would've known what to do with a straight kid.
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