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August 17th, 2012, 11:44 AM
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Once she's reading, you can just buy books for her to read or get them from the library. The library usually has many leveled readers to choose from for her to continue practicing her reading skills or perhaps she'll just want to pick up whatever book strikes her fancy. Have her read to you daily so she can practice fluency and you can point out any phonics issues that she may need to be reminded of or new, less common ones you can point out as she comes to them. Once she's reading, if she's also writing, you might want to add a little spelling and she could be strengthening her knowledge of phonics through that.

I don't think in terms of grades but in terms of skill and development and they can vary widely. The liberty of homeschooling is that you can work at your child's pace for each individual skill. Think more in terms of your child's growth and ability than in terms of a grade level and purchase your curriculum accordingly.
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