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August 17th, 2012, 04:52 PM
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I hope you all don't mind but I would like to post pregnancy updates for a little while before moving to the 'other side', it just really hasn't sunken in, and now I kind of wished I would have kept a journal for this past cycle but oh biggie.

Friday August 17th! I wake up just before 5am after sleeping like crap the night before. I woke up way to early but whatever. I had to pee horribly bad so I had to get the cat off of me... I go to the bathroom to see no AF, no spotting (I put a panty liner on just in case) but nothing. I'm just thinking... it's coming it's CD27, I must have O'd a little later this cycle because that does happen from time to time. Anyways, I laid back in bed and of course wide awake because all I can think about is I want to test but I know that's no no should wait until Saturday. Then the idea of using an OPK came to mind (I really didn't know what to expect) so a little while later I managed to pee again and used an opk (I have been peeing a bit more this week). It came back back positive....I was in shock but thinking whatever it's an opk, maybe i have cyst or something??? Then Crystal so kindly urged me to test so I said, I am going... so I left quickly to wal-mart (about 5 min from my house) came back, showered, got ready for work and then I started feeling the urge to pee so I tested. Within seconds there was a positive... that fast! I am pleased with how dark the line is but have NO idea when I O'd.

This morning left a message for the nurse, she finally called me back around 3 this afternoon...(i was getting irritated) waiting but left work at 3:30 headed to the clinic for b/w and said they would rush it but got a call just after 5 saying the results are not back yet and I will have them Monday Morning. They did an hcg test and a progesterone test and will want to do another progesterone test on Tuesday.. then we will go from there. The clinic stays my EDD is April 29th. My birthday is April 18th so I'm very excited about that. After my b/w I ran to wal-mart again to pick up digi's took it when I get home and it says PREGNANT!!!

I don't really feel pregnant and I am still spotting on and off but very lightly, basically when wipe. The nurse said to just drink lots of fluids, take it easy, and call if anything changes or heavy cramping. I don't really have any symptoms yet that I picked up on.. that worries me a bit to but I am going to try my hardest not to worry! I did notice an increase in CM last week but kind of thought maybe it was from taking the FertileCM and I have been breaking out like crazy!

We are off for dinner but will update a bit more later...

Happy friday!

Forever missing my angel 2010

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