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August 17th, 2012, 07:00 PM
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I actually had a miscarriage last Tues at about 10 weeks and have been bleeding ever since. (I totally understand if some don't want to read about a miscarriage so feel free to not read further!)

I won't give you all the details about the m/c but like I said, I have been bleeding ever since which I understand is normal. I have passed a ton of big clots and been aching, etc, as well. Today the bleeding eased way up and I was hopeful that I was getting past the clots and aching and uterine soreness.

Then an hour or so ago I felt like another clot was going to pass, so I went to the bathroom and stood over the toilet. It felt like it was right there so I didn't get why it wasn't coming out right away. The feeling got a little stronger and it felt like it was right in my vagina so I thought, geez, this must be a big one. I ended up kind of pushing it out and I was holding a piece of toilet paper down there as I was pushing. I could see this clot-looking thing get bigger and bigger until it was taking up my whole vagina and I was thinking WHAT THE HECK. Then the whole thing suddenly plopped out in my hand (on the toilet paper I was holding) and it was like the size of my fist! I shrieked when it came out and yelled "what the!!" I think, lol. I quickly found an empty baby wipes box and put it in there. As I looked at it I realized it looked like about the size and shape of my uterus!! It is wider and thicker toward the top and narrower toward the bottom, like the shape of a pear. It is mostly very dark red like a clot with some other tissue-ish looking stuff on it. I imagine this "thing" was taking up the entire inside of my uterus. What on EARTH. I called the doctor just to tell her and make sure this was.. uh.. "normal" and that I was OK, especially since the miscarriage was technically on Tues and now it's Friday. She said it can happen sometimes and she was more concerned about how much I was bleeding and as long as I'm not soaking a pad an hour she's not concerned. I told her the weird thing was it looks almost like a mold of the inside of my uterus because of the size and shape. She said there is something called a decidual cast and that may well be what it is. Weird! I've never heard of it but I googled it. I can't find too much actual info yet, but that is strange!

(So freakin glad I wasn't walking around Walmart or something!! I've been debating about going into a store for just a minute.)

However, after this giant thing came out, if it IS basically the entirety of my decidua (the lining of my uterus) that came out at one time, I am hopeful that the bleeding will tame way down and the cramping will stop and I will feel normal-ish soon. I hope.

I just thought you all who are interested in female stuff might have heard of it or can point me to a link. I am really curious as to what a decidual cast is and how it forms.
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