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August 18th, 2012, 12:45 AM
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I already tied the wipes box off in a plastic bag and put it in the garbage but so help me if I find my camera soon I will dig it out, lol.

Well I am up at 2:40 am because I have a new weird symptom: cold vagina and vulva. Yeah, seriously. I would feel like an idiot calling the doctor and saying that, but I woke up in bed and was laying there trying to figure out why on earth I have this cold sensation ONLY in my vagina/vulva. It's like someone is holding an ice pack down there. Maybe through my clothes because on the skin that would be very freezing, but you get the idea. My thighs right beside there are not cold, up by my pubic bone is not cold, but my vagina/vulva feels distinctly cold. What on earth??

I have tried googling it but just get a lot of weird s*x questions mostly. Could this be a sign of too much blood loss? A blood supply issue? A nerve thing? Infection symptom? I have no clue. The bleeding has actually slowed WAY, way down suddenly by an hour or so after I passed the decidual cast thing. Maybe I'm running out of blood... j/k

I sure hope it goes away so I don't have to worry about it all night or consider actually calling the doctor and sounding like a total wackadoo.

Is it too much to think someone might have some idea why my vagina feels cold? LOL
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