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August 18th, 2012, 09:33 AM
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Originally Posted by mom2more View Post
I do think she has to deal with the root of her problems...her bio mom.

I do think we need to be strict with her. We are sticking to the no privacy at home thing. She had a friend over yesterday and was not allowed to go hang out in her room. Her friend asked why and she tried to lie and say she had ants in her room!! We were not about to let her make people think we had a dirty house so we told her friend the partial truth...grounded from her room except sleeping because she did things on her computer we had told her not to. If it embarrassed her then oh well. She should think about her actions more then.

We have had serious sex talks with her. Hopefully some of it sank in. She is so defiant though so who knows. We don't give her many rules, but she seems to break them anyways. And then she tries lying to get out of it and she is a bad liar.

Hubby did allow her to go see friends tonite. They were going to a sporting event at school and then sleeping over at her friends house. We had her call us from the event and told her to call us when they get back to her friends. We also didn't allow her to bring her iPod or laptop with to her friends. I think she should not have been allowed to go anywhere....but it was hubbys decision.
Your husband isn't doing her any favors. His leniency is going to come back and bite you all in the ***, her especially. So what if she couldn't take her laptop, I'm sure her friend had one she could use.

Consistency is the key to disciplining, any age. If you're grounded, you're grounded. There are no exceptions.
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