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August 18th, 2012, 08:53 PM
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Well I go to assembly of God We seem like we are at church more than home and I love it! On sundays we have sunday school than church that last a couple hours because we just let the spirit just run until its we have people who dance and cry and put there hands up everything you can think of I think we had someone jump over a pew once....hmmm...soon... maybe

during the week we will meet up just because..tuesdays they have drama and wednesdays we bus kids in and just have a great time..we just had an revival for what was suppose to be four days ended up being all week.that was about two weeks ago....guess what we are doing another one hoping it last a week too!Praying some will come to Christ.
we are some bible toting,scripture quoting,holy ghost praising,jumping dasies,singing crazy,loving,preaching,bible teaching,hugging,dancing,just plain out love God ,Jesus, and the Holy just as long as it is about God I don't care what church ya go to just as long has you have a love for Jesus lol
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