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August 18th, 2012, 09:54 PM
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I don't mind science. In fact, it's great sometimes.

I'm a surrogate. I help create families, so I have a very open mind about science and assisted reproductive technology. HOWEVER, I do think some lines should not be crossed.

I am all for meeting sperm from a male partner with an egg from the female in a petri dish and inserting in the uterus (Basically IVF) to produce a pregnancy. I am NOT okay with all parts of IVF, though.

I do not believe that we should EVER alter an embryo, I don't believe in sex selection, I don't believe in artificial sperm or eggs, I don't believe in cloning, etc....

I believe that the balance of nature isn't really affected when all you do is take embryos that normally would be made under normal circumstances (if all parts were working correctly) but it IS affected dearly when you start using artificially made or altered DNA. I would NEVER use it. I find this unethical in so many ways, and very disturbing, actually.

The stages of true embryonic (unaltered) development are so fragile, that one wrong move, and you could create chaos. Truthfully, there are many forms of ART and some do alter the embryos quite a bit. When this happens, no one really knows the long-term effects on the child.

I wouldn't advocate manipulating nature so far off it's course like this. No way.

ETA: I didn't touch the gay couple subject. There is already more natural ways gay couples can have children. I'm betting this hugely artificial means of creating a baby would cost a lot. NO more than surrogacy does, but with surrogacy, at least the egg and sperm come fully whole from a human being, and are not partially or fully made in a laboratory.
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