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August 19th, 2012, 04:04 PM
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There is also a nanny programme that you can block words on the computer. I couldnt google butterfly when I was in HS because it had the word butt in it. Our internet turned on at 7pm and off at 730. Our computer was where everyone could see it. I wasnt allowed to use my phone unless I was dying in a car wreck. After getting in trouble my mom and step dad took everything I was only allowed to have an alarm clock with no radio. No cds, tv, computer games or friends houses. People could come over and could come in my room. I was never allowed to have the door shut if friends were over. know what I did. I learned to play outside. my chores and home work were done and I learned to bake. lol I hated my parents for it then. now I am so glad that they did what they did. It really taught me that I was being dumb. I am lucky to have parents that stuck to their beliefs and didnt let up on me.
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