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August 19th, 2012, 06:17 PM
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This weekend was pretty much just hanging around the house but ending up babysitting last minute for my friend on Saturday for a couple hours and then on Sunday I watched my nephew for a couple hours while my sister cut and colored my MIL's hair but I am pretty worn out after watching my nephew.

I have decided that after tomorrow's b/w results come back, if all goes good I will start a journal in the grads section. I am not really ready but I don't want to keep updating my journal here with so many people ttc. So next is just some updates so don't read if you don't want too..

Today I am 4 weeks!!!! I am still on but still really nervous. I do feel different than last time.

The time I m/c I had a ton of symptoms before my missed period. They were extremely tender and heavy boobs, constantly hungry, heightened smell and taste, I would get nauseous, constant acid reflux, and cramping. I didn't have any spotting, I just knew I was before my missed period. I tested and the lines were light so we went and got a digi for confirmation.

As for right now, not really a whole of symptoms yet. My bbs are starting to get heavy and tender, my appetite is pretty much the same, no cramping; I did have a little cramping the first couple days of spotting, then cramping on and off for like the 3rd day of spotting. The spotting has completely stop and I haven't really had any more cramping. I feel twinges here and there and maybe a little cramp here and there but nothing thats constant. I have been feeling really thirsty though; this morning I got up and went grocery shopping brought a bottle of water along, finished that and had to buy another one at the grocery store , which reminds me, my biggest symptom is that I have been peeing a lot. Do you normally pee this much this early? I'm thinking maybe it's the amount of water I have been drinking.

I did another hpt test today... here's the pic

I'm also posting the digi to reference in my journal..

Forever missing my angel 2010

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