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August 20th, 2012, 08:29 AM
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I havent been on here in FOREVER...i've been struggling with my faith, I think mainly because SO and I arent ex husband hasnt divorced me yet, even though we have been seperated for 6.5yrs. I live in Canada and he lives in NYC.
I feel since SO and I arent married, I am leading a unGodly life and setting a horrible example for my kids..especially DD.
Another reason is that SO isnt really into church or praying etc. He believes and has been baptised but he's fallen along the way. He was raised Luthern and his dad passed away 6yrs ago and thats when he stopped going to church.
Myself i wasnt raised in a church, when I was 14 I started going to a mennonite church and eventually got baptised mennonite.
Because i wasnt raised around church or in church, I struggle with teaching my children about God and going to church. We just moved and havent found a church around us yet. I struggle with teaching my daughter about praying..well all of my kids...and I have been short tempered about silly things.

About a year ago, i felt God say that I should teach my daughter modesty, and since then we have been wearing modest cloths and mostly dresses and daughter doesnt mind. It was a huge difference to me, but now it feels normal and I love it..i actually cant stand pants!
i also homeschool because i want my kids to know about God and serve him, but I dont know where to start.
I just feel confused and mind boggled all of the time. help?

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