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August 20th, 2012, 05:18 PM
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Originally Posted by drama.geek View Post
I think they'll have more questions about what heterosexuality is
that's a REALLY good point actually... I think my children will probably be the same way... Lauriel's kids will both have Mum & Dad active in their life when we're living together, but for my girls.. they'll barely ever see their fathers, so I guess the familial norm they'll know IS two Mum's.......

As for me... I have spoken to Gaby, but it was more of a brief 'men can love men, women can love women' type talk, and not specifically about *my* sexuality... She knows that me and Lauriel are in love, and that we're getting married and she's excited about it!

I have never spoken to my parents about my sexuality as such... We've never sat down and discussed the fact I'm in love with a woman, or feel sexually attracted to women.. they just accept it for what it is

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