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August 20th, 2012, 07:31 PM
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Hi ladies, I just joined this forum today and I'm happy I found all of you. I have never been pregnant, no miscarriages etc. But I have an anti-thrombin III deficiency (my blood clots too much) and a history of a PE 7 yrs ago when I was 22, which is the reason they found out I had a deficiency. Since then I am on life long anticoagulation & I have always been told I will need to be on Lovonox if I ever get pregnant. My bf and I plan on getting married next year, but knowing I will already be high risk, I don't really want to wait any longer to ttc because I don't want to end up with additional high risks due to age and I am already worried we will have a hard time ttc since we have not prevented for the last 4 yrs (not trying, not preventing).

So I had a preconception appt with a high risk ob last week who told me that many women only need Lovonox in the 1st & 3rd trimester but not the 2nd. But that I will need it the entire time, which I'm ok with that because it's worth it. Then she told me there is a very low percentage of women who can form clots on Lovonox during pregnancy but it is very rare. However, then she told me that because my father has formed clots on IV heparin in the hospital, I could possibly be among that small percentage and now they don't know if even Lovonox will be enough for me. She told me I might have to stay on Coumadin throughout my pregnancy but it could potentially cause birth defects... but that the risk of having me on Lovonox could be greater than the Coumadin. She said I need to see my hematologist to come up with a plan before we can ttc.

I'm so worried and scared and I want to have a baby so badly. I don't want to give up ttc and I'm terrified of having to be on Coumadin the whole time if that is what the end result becomes. I'm hoping my hematologist will have some ideas and some kind of hope for us. I also can't help but think, am I being selfish to ttc? What if I do have a baby and they do end up with a birth defect from this? Or if I have a girl & she goes through what I have to go through now? I have so many thoughts going through my head and I have been so emotional about this. I have no one to talk to that has ever been through something like this or understands what I am going through. My father most likely has the same thing as me, but he never had to deal with pregnancy obviously.. and my mother is perfectly healthy. My parents told me maybe I should consider adoption. Not that I am ruling that out, but I really want one of my own. I'm very thankful to have such a supportive bf who is ok no matter what happens. But I would be devistated if I can't have any children.

I'm not sure exactly what answers I'm looking for, but it would be nice to have someone to talk to that understands what I'm going through. And for the ladies who are pregnant, I'd love to keep hearing about how your pregnancies are going if you get on here enough & feel like dropping a comment... it cheers me up knowing you ladies are having happy & healthy pregnancies, and it makes me feel like I might still have some hope too. Also, knowing how your pregnancy is going might help calm my nerves a little if I ever do get pregnant and I have a better idea of what to expect. No one knows better than the women who are actually going through it themselves. Sorry for being so long winded. I apparently had more to say that I originally thought I was going to. But now you know my story, and any feedback, questions, opinions, etc would be appreciated and welcomed. I wish all of you the best of luck ttc and hope you all have happy & healthy pregnancies
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