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August 20th, 2012, 11:26 PM
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Hi Crystal and welcome! I had a dvt and pe 10 years ago. I have factor V Leiden which makes my blood clot too much. The clots all happened before I ever even thought about babies. I was told the same as you that I would have to be on lovenox or heparin during pregnancy. I am pregnant with my third baby and I have 2 daughters. I also take coumadin when I am not pregnant. In between my daughters my doctor told me that whenever I got pregnant to let him know and he would switch me to lovenox. I got pregnant and miscarried. I then read the medication information on coumadin that the manufacturer provides. It says that if a woman becomes pregnant while on coumadin they suggest termination of he pregnancy because of the defects it causes. So when I ttc I start lovenox before getting pregnant. Now I have never clotted while on anticoagulants so I can only speak from my experience. I can tell you I would not take coumadin at all during a pregnancy. I know that one of the girls here got pregnant while on coumadin and her baby is fine. She was only on it during the very beginning though. I would definitely talk to a hematologist first and maybe even another ob or 2 and get as much info as you can and make the best educated decisions you can. Good for you for doing this now. I wasn't actually diagnosed with anything at the time of my clots. The factor v wasn't found until I was pregnant and I didn't know anything and had to learn as I went along. I found a new doctor and when I met him the first time he told me his wife has a clotting disorder so he's really educatedon it. I just chose him at random.
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