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August 21st, 2012, 10:56 AM
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Ugh. I hate this.

The other night I was with a small group of women who got to talking about childbirth and epis and how you'd be crazy not to get one even if the baby had already crowned - get the epi! I look a little pregnant (and was the only one not drinking wine) but hadn't told them yet, and I just kept my mouth shut because I knew it would go down this road.

Talking about childbirth with people who I know have birthed naturally has put me much more at ease that no matter how painful I may find it, it's truly amazing and completely worth it. And people who are epi-committed, I try to talk more about how much fun their kids are and focus on the other great parenting ideas I can learn from them. (Er, some of them.)

I hope you can find a truly supportive hospital and get the birth you're looking for!

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