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August 21st, 2012, 02:17 PM
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so I found out last week that my Due Date was wrong I had my anatomy scan btw its a boy Wahoo anyway Im due Nov 9th instead of Dec. so uh yeah thats um pretty close actually.

I actually had not been the lest bit freaked out about a Natural birth B4 I had alot of stuff I wanted to know and figure out and get all lined up and stuff but I wasnt that scared I was pretty confident about it really. but then the last few days I just keep thinking OMG NOV is really only like 2 months from now im gonna be doing not sure if im ready. I really hate that iv just now started this second guessing thing I hope it goes away.

but all my tests are good and my OB office and the hospital is pro Natural birth and breast feeding or at lest they said they were when I brought it up so that's helpful. I guess Im just doing a little early freakout.

(sorry for anyone who read this when it first posted My computer has a hot key to post things and I cant stop accidently hitting it lol)

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