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August 21st, 2012, 10:17 PM
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NOT GOOD. I get on the scale and still weigh what I weighed right before I had Kerris. It's sickening and I just can't stand to look at myself or have my DH look at me, either. Nothing fits. I even thought about canceling some good workshops because I can't imagine anyone taking what I have to present seriously because I'm fat... and fat people aren't taken seriously in a professional world (really, I know the research).

I went to the gym. It hurt. I still went. Didn't help at all. Supply drifted, brought on an early AF. I haven't been back to the gym in 2 weeks (first, we had company, and now Kellen's been pretty sick with cough and raspiness). I don't miss it. Before, I LOVED the gym. Now, it's a chore.

I could go on and on. I'm just trying to find some motivation and I have none where I usually could muster SOMETHING. As soon as Kellen's better, I'll force myself back there, but I'm telling you, I wonder why I waste the time except that it's a good hour to an hour and a half of quiet me-time without anyone screaming, clinging or hanging on to me. I am not complaining about that, but God, yes, I do need a few minutes out of the week for me!
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