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August 22nd, 2012, 03:30 PM
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Oh, jeez! That must have been nice to hear that you have the WORST clotting factor. Thanks, Doc! But, yeah, your'e right, they're all bad and I would never wish this on anyone. I hope my girls and my brother's girls don't inherit this. I am very lucky to have gotten my doctor, just by chance! I only chose him because I could pronounce his name. How random is that? lol He is awesome and, thankfully, his wife has never had a clot but her aunt, sister and someone else have all died from it so, yeah, he's close and personal with it and very up to date with it. LOVE him!

Lovenox is expensive. Luckily, my co pay is only $100. Only. And that's for a whole month. Otherwise, if I were to pay cash, it would be closer to $2400 for a month's supply. I think that since I am on Coumadin for life and because of the birth defects and high risk of m/c, plus I already has a m/c on it, my insurance company doesn't even bat an eye at approving it. Have you talked to the pharmacy portion of you insurance company? My doctor always has to submit a prior authorization but it's never been denied. They approved it for ttc for 4 months for me and I got pregnant on the last month of it! I really think that if they didn't approve it and you had to be on Coumadin for ttc, and your baby had a birth defect, they could have quite a lawsuit on their hands since you cannot be without anticoagulants. If Heparin would work for you for the whole pregnancy, I would go with that, if possible. I switch to Heparin at 36 weeks and then back to lovenox for 6 weeks post partum. I just cannot imagine a doctor telling me I had to be on Coumadin for any of my pregnancy, let alone the entire time.

You're welcome! You can pm me or find me here if you have any questions at all! I don't know anyone IRL that has this so, it's always nice to talk to someone about it and/or help someone through it!

I'm 15 weeks tomorrow! yay! We just found out that we are having a boy! We have 2 girls already and we are ecstatic!! I haven't noticed anything unusual as far as aches and pains due to the FVL. At least, I don't associate them with it. I usually associate any aches and pains with my age. I'm 36. lol Other than the constant bruised abdomen, there really isn't any noticeable difference....I think. Someone else may have something different to say about that and I just haven't picked up on any of it.
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