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August 22nd, 2012, 07:37 PM
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I used mirena for about 9 months back in 2009. Worst decision of my life. I suppose for some people it's great, but for me...I can't even begin to describe the adverse effects. The weight gain (60 lbs) for one, the horrible mood swings, I was in pain for a full 6 months after placement (and it was placed correctly), my hormones were thrown completely off balance, and (TMI) my lady parts were more like a warzone. I felt like I was battling with a different issues every day.

The effects were so terrible I was scared away from any sort of hormonal BC or any IUD. I have read stories of a few who had the exact same issues I did, but I've also read many stories of those who were happy. I'm pregnant with my first child now, and after birth I still haven't decided on whether or not I'd like to try a new form of BC or not. I'm still a little scared, honestly. :{
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