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August 22nd, 2012, 07:38 PM
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My name is Samantha 23 (for another month) and my DH is Justin 29
together we have 1 daughter Audrey who is almost 18 months
DH has two children from a previous relationship Ethan is 7 and Kayley is 5
DH is totally and completely done having children and we have had many long talks about it and I don't see him changing his mind ever so I guess it is safe to say we are D.O.N.E
I'm kinda of sad about it, my step kids live with their mom in wyoming and we only see them during the summer so Audrey won't get to really grow up with siblings.
however I also see the benefits of having only 1, I will be able to always give her my full attention, since my DH is gone two weeks a month for work it's easier(for me) handling one.. plus when my stepkids are here I feel frazzled with 3 children.

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