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August 22nd, 2012, 10:48 PM
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I definitely got a better line with the FRER. Why don't you wait another day or two and then try it? That way you have better chances of getting a + if you are pregnant. Supposedly Wondfos detect hCG starting at 25, and FRERs down to 12.5 (with variances in batches and from test to test). I got a positive on an FRER but a digital test said plainly "Not Pregnant". But I looked up the sensitivity on the digital, and it is only around 50. So depending on the luck of the draw, you might not get the same results across the board. Plus, it takes several days past implantation (if that's what happened on 7DPO for you) before HCG will rise, it shows up in your blood prior to it showing up in your urine so if you really wanted to know you could always ask for a blood test. The kind that tells you your HCG numbers, not just "pregnant" or "not pregnant" (I guess there are two kinds, qualitative and quantitative. You want quantitative.)
At any rate I know there are girls here who have said they felt "out" but ended up being pregnant anyway. I know our intuition can be right a lot of times too, but it can also be wrong. Hang in there.

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