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August 23rd, 2012, 09:46 AM
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Hi my name is camille im 21 which i know is a little young.. but im ttc #2 my 1 child was an unexpected miracle and i love every minute of being a mommy! my DF and i decided about a month ago to ttc #2 i was on nuva ring ( which is how i got pregnant in the first place, i put it in 3 days late) this time i took the ring out a week early and have been intimate just about every other day since then. i O'd on 8/21 and on the 22 i had some mild cramping alternating between the left side and the middle on and off all day! but my back hurt to the point that i could barely walk now when i found out i was pregnant with my first child it was because i was having severe cramping and they thought it could be ectopic...i was told 3-4 years ago that it was nearly impossible for me to have children because my uterus was so tilted and to "small to carry" when i got pregnant i was on watch becasue they didnt think i could carry full term i went into labor at 35wks and 5 days with a healthy baby boy but after he was born i bled for about 2 2.5 months!! the obgyn said that i could be starting something called endometriosis ??? weve been following the status for 1.5 years i went to have merina placed and we have found that there was not enough room for it and the dr said if i didnt deliver your son i wouldnt have known you were ever pregnant my uterus measured at a 4 when it should have messaged at a 6 whatever that means... so he told me that if i wanted to have more kids i should do it within the next year! here we are trying hoping its not gonna take to long but i guess this whole rant is pointless but what i really wanted to know is is it normal to have pregnancy symptoms right after ovulation could i have concieved the week before my period and im going to the dr on the 27 would it be possible if i was pregnant to have it show up on a blood test this early? i found out with my son at 3 weeks i wouldnt be that far if i concieved during ovulation or high fertility days?
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