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August 23rd, 2012, 05:18 PM
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It's been a while since I've posted here..or JM for that matter. I'm due September 21st with my third..and what was planned to be my second home birth.
I never really made concrete plans before now. Only
Hopes. This time..since my previous two labours and deliveries have been perfect I let myself really plan.
I have plans of keeping my kids here...having a water doula friend will be here to help out with the toddlers. It was supposed to be perfect.
Day before yesterday I went to the washroom and felt something a little
Extra. I checked and there it was. My cervix. I called the midwife yesterday, and within 30 minutes she was
Confirming my suspicions. A prolapse. Cervix
Or uterus? No idea..can I cervix prolapse on its own? No idea.
She was happy. It wasn't red or irritated. Not even dialated by appearance.
But today she called and an OB wants to see me to check it
I'm kind of freaking out now. I already felt at a loss for info. Google feels entirely useless.
A good friend of mine had an absolutely safe and perfect
Vaginal birth. And my midwife said she doesn't see why I won't be able to homebirth..but that it is up to the OB.
If I need to be in the hospital I will. I love
Homebirth.. But I am not willing to put anyone at risk for it. I'm pretty sure the midwife has to legally deliver at hospital if the dr says so. I'm scared that this is a condition that will require intervention. As much as I love my midwife..she didn't seem to have answers to my questions..or maybe I just asked the wrong questions..or not enough. I miss my old midwife. She answered questions I didn't know I had.
Anyone with experience?
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