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August 24th, 2012, 07:56 AM
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Do you remember when...

You lost your first tooth? Not really...

You learned how to ride a bicycle? Yes, I think I was 6 or 7- my (much) older sister ran behind me holding the seat... It was hysterical!

Your first airplane ride? Went on a Caribbean cruise the summer I turned 16...

Your first date with a boy? Not sure that I really went on dates in high school...We just mostly hung out with friends. It never felt like a "date." I guess I would have to say with my first boyfriend in college. We went to Carlos O'Kelley's. LOL!

Your first kiss? On my cruise- I was almost 16. Met a boy from Alabama and fell for his accent...

Your first car? Her name was Betty. I got her when I was 15. She was a black Oldsmobile Calais.

Your first alcoholic beverage? (Or your first time being drunk?) The first time I was REALLY drunk was in college at a party at someone's trashy house...No idea who lived there...

The first time you laid eyes on DH/SO? Yep, spring 1998. I had just moved into our first apartment with one of my girlfriends. The downstairs neighbors would play their music so loud that it shook the dishes in our sink. We went down to meet them, and DH was one of 4 guys living there. Sparks did not fly at first but then we all started to hang out a lot. They called us the "hot girls upstairs." LOL!

The first time you took a pregnancy test for this pregnancy? Late May. Was shocked. Threw it at DH because he thought I was lying. Hormones.

The first item you bought for this baby? An elephant sleep sack when we went shopping while on a trip in July.
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