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August 24th, 2012, 09:43 AM
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My kids aren't really noticing their own sexuality (though DS wants to be Blaine, because Blaine kisses Kurt so....there's that), but they have gay people in their lives. They understand Mama likes girls, and that some boys like boys, and it's all ok. DS will asked me about making DGF his other mommy, so he gets it.

I don't speak to my parents at all. My dad I never knew, my mom I quit talking to when my uncle took custody of me. But my uncle and I have talked about my sexuality extensivly. He's gay himself (seriously, it's gentic, everyone in my family is gay), so he has always been accepting. He was a little surprised when I came out...given that I told him I was a lesbian not long after I had DS. So ya know...a bit of confusion on his part. But he's always been fine with it.
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