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August 24th, 2012, 10:37 AM
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Do you remember when...

You lost your first tooth? Umm, no. I'm sure my mom has it written down.

You learned how to ride a bicycle? Same as above.

Your first airplane ride? Yes- I was 16 and went big time: Florida to Boston then crossed the ocean to Frankfurt, Germany.

Your first date with a boy? Yes. I was 14 and saw Pocahontas in the theater with my crush. It was sweet- he held my hand.

Your first kiss? I was 15. It was in an abandoned house in my neighborhood.

Your first car? I was 18. It was a 1989 Pontiac Sunbird. It was ugly as hell but it had ice cold A/C and a great stereo- what more could a teenager want!

Your first alcoholic beverage? (Or your first time being drunk?) First alcoholic beverage was OJ and vodka. I've never drank enough to be drunk- I won't let it happen. Alcohol has ruined so many things in my life and other people's lives that I'm close to. So it's just my choice.

The first time you laid eyes on DH/SO? Well, not exactly- it was 1st grade. Probably didn't think anything other than, Eww- a boy!

The first time you took a pregnancy test for this pregnancy? I was a few days away from having surgery for my endometriosis and went in for my pre-op bloodwork. Even though my pre-op was scheduled by my doc, they told me to come back 2 days before surgery for the urine PG test. I was frustrated that I had to come all the way back again. The nurse told me that alot could change over the weekend as far as PG tests go. She got me thinking, could I possibly be PG? I snagged a Dollar Tree test on the way home and on May the 4th I got my BFP!

The first item you bought for this baby? Haven't bought anything yet. After we find out the gender on Monday I'm sure we'll start getting stuff to decorate the nursery!

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