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August 24th, 2012, 11:38 AM
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You lost your first tooth? Hmmm, not really?

You learned how to ride a bicycle? A real 2-wheeler, probably age 6ish??

Your first airplane ride? When I was 18 months old, to Florida to visit my grandparents (I don't remember this, but know it happened!)

Your first date with a boy? I think my first "date" was in 4th grade when a boy named Frank came over to play at my house after school. Aside from that, it was in 6th grade when I went to a New Edition concert with my "boyfriend" Benji and his dad

Your first kiss? 7th grade, outside his house, boys name was Christian.

Your first car? Pontiac Sunbird Convertible, red. (My dad owned a dealership!)

Your first alcoholic beverage? (Or your first time being drunk?) I had a sip of my dad's Miller beer at around age 1. Or, my first few sips of champagne at my cousin Dan's wedding when I was about 10.

The first time you laid eyes on DH/SO? At a meeting at work in probably 2003.

The first time you took a pregnancy test for this pregnancy? I would have to recheck my journal, but I think a few days after my first beta (so prob about 4w4d or so)

The first item you bought for this baby? Toddler size Chucks (for the FB reveal picture)

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