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August 24th, 2012, 12:49 PM
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Do you remember when...

You lost your first tooth? 5 - in kindergarten!

You learned how to ride a bicycle? 4

Your first airplane ride? 5 -- to Disneyland!!!

Your first date with a boy? -- ugg, not sure if awkward dances count in middle school....

Your first kiss? 15 on his front porch.

Your first car? Old subaru.

Your first alcoholic beverage? Lemon Drop Martini. Kinda proud that was my first.

The first time you laid eyes on DH/SO? Breakfast at a friend's house June 2008

The first time you took a pregnancy test for this pregnancy? I only took one! And it was from the dollar store.

The first item you bought for this baby? baby cycling onesie.
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