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August 24th, 2012, 02:07 PM
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You lost your first tooth? I was six and my grandpa pulled it out with a pair of pliers...probably because my parents were sick of hearing about my wobbly tooth, lol! we got extra from the tooth fairy if we let grandpa pull them.

You learned how to ride a bicycle? Christmas when I was five. my dad taught me.

Your first airplane ride? to California when I was fifteen.

Your first date with a boy? I must have been 14...his name was Ethan, but I don't actually remember our first date. we went out for about six months and did go on actual dates.

Your first kiss? I was 12, his name was Jeff, and he was really bad at it. lol.

Your first car? an 88 Olds station wagon, light blue. I bought it fro my sister's boyfriend for $25, knowing it had a bad transmission. I drove it for a year and a half, until the transmission went out with a clang and a puff of smoke on a freeway offramp.

Your first alcoholic beverage? (Or your first time being drunk?) my first drink was the champagne punch at my sisters wedding when I was six. I was 13 the first time I got drunk- cheap wine on New Years Eve.

The first time you laid eyes on DH/SO? he remembers better than I do. we met briefly in the mall food court while I was dating his roommate, and I whipped my boob out in front of him and nursed my baby. lol. he can tell you how I had my hair and what earrings I was wearing, though.

The first time you took a pregnancy test for this pregnancy? uh, the day I gagged while brushing my teeth and just knew, but I don't remember the date offhand.

The first item you bought for this baby? I bought some yarn when I was about ten weeks, I think. I made baby bonnets. that's the only thing I've bought so far. oh, and a fish scale to weight it with when it's born.

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