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August 24th, 2012, 06:55 PM
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Hi ladies, I'm feeling very much out of the running this cycle. So I am wondering, with a short LP... how can conception happen? Shouldn't I be seeing a BFP by now if I was going to get one?

I have gotten 3 BFN's today, I'm 11/10dpo. My LP is not much longer than this and I'm afraid that my lining will begin to shed before the egg has even implanted and I can get a positive HPT. How does this work? If I implanted yesterday or even today, would my body know to stop the beginning of menstruation quick enough? Can it take a few days (not hours) for HGC to accumulate enough to show up on a HPT?

Sorry... I'm feeling all depressed this evening. Especially since I have been having cramps today, but very dull and higher in my uterus than normal.
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