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August 25th, 2012, 10:44 AM
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Originally Posted by bellabri287 View Post
Hi ladies, I'm feeling very much out of the running this cycle. So I am wondering, with a short LP... how can conception happen? Shouldn't I be seeing a BFP by now if I was going to get one?
Conception requires an egg, adequate mucus, and sperm. So that's possible with a short LP. But the short LP makes it difficult for pregnancy to continue.

Originally Posted by bellabri287 View Post
I have gotten 3 BFN's today, I'm 11/10dpo. My LP is not much longer than this and I'm afraid that my lining will begin to shed before the egg has even implanted and I can get a positive HPT. How does this work? If I implanted yesterday or even today, would my body know to stop the beginning of menstruation quick enough? Can it take a few days (not hours) for HGC to accumulate enough to show up on a HPT?
Implantation usually happens 7 - 10DPO. When it does, the hCg triggers a drastic rise in progesterone...which stabilizes the uterine lining. The rate at which hcg rises so it can be detected with a urine test varies from pregnancy to pregnancy.

When there is a problem with the LP, it's because there's a problem with follicular development earlier in the cycle (something is preventing the egg from reaching full maturity before it's released). This can make conception difficult, or make sustaining the pregnancy difficult. Supplementing with progesterone can help, but it doesn't fix the problem with follicular development. Fixing that to ensure healthy ovulation will automatically fix the LP as well.There are some very common causes of this problem, fairly easily treated too!

How many cycles have you been TTC? Have you discontinued any hormones in the last 18 months?
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