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August 26th, 2012, 12:13 AM
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Originally Posted by bellabri287 View Post
Here i always thought a LP issue was only affecting implantation and keeping the pregnancy, not folicular development. How could you even know if you have issues with folicular development?
Well, the short LP is actually part of what's telling you that. An adequate LP comes from adequate progesterone levels. Progesterone is produced by the corpus luteum, or the "shell" left behind by the egg. A weak or immature egg leaves a weak corpus luteum, which causes weak progesterone production.

Another way to evaluate follicular development is the mucus pattern. The production of mucus is directly related to follicular development. A healthy mucus build up reflects healthy ovulation. An annormal mucus pattern reflects either cervical damage (very common post HBC) *or* inadequate follicular development.

These sorts of abnormalities are very common post Pill though. Usually time resolves it, up to 18 months is how long full recovery can take from most forms of the pill. For Depo, recovery can take up to 3 years.
Originally Posted by bellabri287 View Post
I have my anual pap on the 4th, is there anything I should ask my OB about for that?
There are several common causes of problems with follicular development. We've already identified one (being post HBC), but it wouldn't hurt to ask about the others if your OB is willing. Not all are very knowledgable about fertility though.

Thyroid (TSH should be under 2.5)
Insulin Resistance and PCOS
Abnormal prolactin
Abnormal cortisol
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