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August 26th, 2012, 09:51 AM
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Congrats Jo! I'm sorry you're so sick. I had MS so bad the whole time too. It was really hard dealing with that and my son at the same time. Unfortunately it's really common to have ms the whole time due to the extra hormones I also had some bleeding with the twins. It's really common to have some bleeding due to everything being so swollen and increased blood volume. Blood volume doubles with 1 baby and triples with 2! It's a scary pregnancy but with all the medical advancements now a days, twins aren't so risky anymore. I'm 4ft 11 and 107 lbs and I carried the girls until 36 weeks 3 days. My advice is to move as much as you can because the worst part of having twins for me was I became so immobile I was really out of shape by the time the girls came. It made recovering from a c section and caring for all 3 kids pretty much impossible. Twins are super fun once you get through the pregnancy and first 9 months or so lol. I absolutely adore having twins I'm so super excited for you!

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