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August 26th, 2012, 03:21 PM
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I'm still around, kind of. I drift in and out of this place. (Unfortunately, my social anxiety appears to also apply to my internet life and makes me afraid to comment on the big group threads.)

After my last post, I saw an RE for the first time. It. Was. Awesome. Finally, I have a doctor who wants to help me, wants to follow through and help both me and my husband. We love him.

So, we started off with a discussion of my background and my history with PCOS and Clomid and the recent hints of Endometriosis. He wanted to do a bunch of blood tests, an ultrasound and an HSG for me and a semen analysis for my husband.

So, we did the first two. And my husband did his test. The ultrasound looked fairly standard. The blood tests were done at the beginning of my next cycle, and I anxiously awaited the results. My husband got his results, and his swimmers are apparently outstanding. We were waiting for a good cycle to do the HSG because my periods have been lasting for 3 or more weeks each month for the past year or so.

Then the bills came in.


I have a high deductible ($2000). I was prepared to pay a TON of out-of-pocket expenses to meet that deductible. I have an HRA which would cover over half, and I have some money saved. As the bills started rolling in, I thought “This is good. It's all paid by my HRA so far, and the rest will be affordable.”

Then I got 4 claims from a lab that was apparently out of my network. They sucked up $700 bucks out of my HRA money that ended up getting applied to my out-of-network deductible. Crap. That basically means that money is down the drain and I have to come up with an additional $700 bucks out of pocket before my in-network deductible is met (and my actual insurance kicks in).

I eventually decided to screw the HSG and made an appointment to talk about the rest of my tests.

We went in, went over the rest of the blood work, and got some interesting news. My RE doesn't think I have PCOS. He acknowledges that I have all of the symptoms, but he insists that I don't actually have it. So, without a diagnosis, he convinced me to do the HSG. But, he's going to follow up with the out-of-network lab to see if there's anything he can do there.

So, that's where we are. I go in for the HSG tomorrow afternoon.

Oh, the RE also put me on Synthroid and Metformin. I'm excited about the possibility of each one helping, but I'm NOT loving the gastrointestinal symptoms related to the Metformin (although, in it's defense, I did just utter the words “Screw you, Met, I'm eating a pizza for dinner” which probably doesn't help.)

So... yeah. Progress has been made. This new momentum has, however, made me wonder if I've been out of the TTC world for too long. I just can't get excited about it like I used to. I know parenthood is still my goal, I just don't get all into the excitement of trying anymore.

I've been trying to fight this apathy by watching every baby/pregnancy/parenthood related documentary that Netflix has to offer. Turns out, that doesn't make me want to reproduce. It, instead, makes me want to move to a country that doesn't actively hate it's pregnant women. So maybe I'll do that.
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