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August 26th, 2012, 09:47 PM
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My husband and I lost our baby boy at 21 weeks into the pregnancy due to a placental abruption in November 2011. We started trying again in February 2012 and have been trying ever since with no luck. I got my AF 2 months ago on the 17th, last month I got my AF on the 16th so it seems as tho my cycles became or are becoming normal. I'm currently on CD11 and it just seems to be dragging so slow. We did however invest in Preseed bc we have heard so many success stories from ppl who used it and continue to use it. We used it a few times alrdy and it makes things slide so to speak. I also bought a basal thermometer and I check my temperature every morning. I keep a menstrual chart in my phone and it's telling me I am going to ovulate on the 30th, but I'm fertile starting tomorrow thru the 1st of next month. Anybody still early in their cycle and wanna help each other out by keeping our minds occupied?
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