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August 27th, 2012, 09:29 AM
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It really all depends if you ovulated at that time or not. Your body could continue to attempt ovulation for awhile yet before finally going through with it, or it could be any day now! It *is* possible, I've conceived at 3 months PP before while BFing - but a lot depends on how fertile you both are as well.

Many BFing Moms have infertile discharge while BFing that appears a lot like CM. To tell which is which, you observe it for 2 -3 weeks without genital contact. Keep a daily record of anything you feel at the vulva while going about your daily activities, and anything you happen to see. If a particular observation remains unchanging for 14 days in a row - that observation is infertile discharge. Any change in how it feels or looks is considered fertile.

Figuring out the PP Basic Infertile Pattern can be tricky, especially if mucus patches are starting to interrupt the unchanging pattern. Letting an instructor guide you through it step by step cuts through a lot of the confusion, so you can be confident about when you're truly fertile and when you're not during the post partum phase.
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