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August 28th, 2006, 12:24 PM
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I got my progesterone # today & it was 16.7. She said that is low.....and that confuses me a bit since I thought over 15 was fine..but she said she wants to see it over 20. I guess it bothers me ONLY because we have a Dx for hte previous mc's & we know it has NOTHING to do with progesterone - so I don't get why they keep wanting to put me on progesterone. Anyway - so far my insurance isn't covering the kind she wants to give me - so they are working on a prior autorization thing with the insurance company, etc - it's over $200 & believe it or not - I don't even have the $ for that. She said it would only be for 18 days...(not sure how they came to that exact #), I did some research online (thus why I am online now - at a cyber cafe when I am on the road for work - I will use it as my lunch break)...anyway - it says that 7-47 seems to be the range....but I can find nothing definitive that tells me what is "low". I previously thought 10 was low...10-15 was mid low & over 15 was good. I hate all this conflicting info I get from one Dr to the next. My only objection is taking anything I may not need - especially when I am certain every medication same some potential for side effects - so I don't like the idea of taking anything I can do without. Oh well. I guess I will do what they say - because I am too worried to be wrong. I wish I had more certainty one way or the other.

I would love some comments, opinions, etc. I am feeling a little bit mixed up over this info. [/b]
I think your progesterone is probably fine. It's within the normal range. But I will tell you that I read studies where progesterone over 25 is associated with much better pregnancy outcome. I completely understand why you are frustrated given that you already have a diagnosis and it has nothing to do with progesterone. (Mine was progesterone related which is why I read a lot on the topic.)

Hang in there!

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