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August 27th, 2012, 05:48 PM
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Well that sucked.

I had my HSG done today. The procedure itself wasn't too bad. The technician was ridiculously nice and the radiologist was great. They explained everything I could possibly want to know, warned me about everything that could possibly be painful or unsettling, and got the procedure done as quickly as possible. Inflating the balloon hurt hell, and injecting the dye was no picnic. But, on the bright side, I got to watch the monitor.

I saw the dye go straight into the right tube. Then nothing. I rolled to the left when instructed (and got an insane leg cramp right as I did so... which was awesome). I couldn't really tell what the dye was doing after that. It looked like it was just spilling everywhere.

After that the radiologist stopped joking with me and got a little quiet (never a relaxing sign). At the end he pulled up each image they took and explained that he wasn't able to get any dye into the left tube, but that could have been due to the right tube being so open (Yay! Go right tube!). He then started asking if I've ever had any kind of infection or endometriosis. He pointed out some interesting looking areas all around the perimeter of my uterus. They looked like little dark triangles shooting off of the edges.

Apparently he has to go do some research on what they might be before recommending more tests... which I apparently need.


So... yeah. One definitely working tube (Go, Righty, go!) and some strange looking bits that, according to the radiologist, are likely nothing and shouldn't stop me from getting pregnant. Maybe.
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