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August 27th, 2012, 06:19 PM
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I dont have a lot to gripe about.
BF laid out the rules for TTC time frame and I understand it but it ticks me off.

DSS hasn't been eating regularly( or pooping) his mom is panicking about it. We keep trying to remind her that if he is hungry he will eat. At our house he goes to the cabinet and grabs what he wants....usually peanut butter. So he eats peanut butter and what ever fruit we can get him to least its food right?

Work is a joke. I have applied to so many other companies lately I am hoping my dads good word is enough to get me an interview where he works. I figure I need a min of $1.25 more an hour to not be living paycheck to paycheck on just my personal bills and groceries( bf pays all the house bills thank goodness) BUT no companies has called me back. Its really disappointing. I am glad to have a job though.

The dog we were driving to nc to meet this weekend has severe separation anxiety and has to have some one or some dog around at all she is a no go. I am glad to be spared the 2 day trip with a 22 month old.

We took down our pool and the rain keeps filling it back up. its rained off and on for like 2 weeks now...I miss the sunshine...

On the bright side BM has recognized that I am reaching out to her to have a friendly relationship. This weekend when she came to get C she complimented me, I almost pooped my self in surprise!

Man I needed that rant more than I though....
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