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August 28th, 2012, 06:59 AM
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Progression of Belly

8-1-12 (4 weeks, 0 days)
Weight - 162.5
Extremely hungry and thirsty
Implantation bleeding for last week
Slightly tired and very cheery

8-15-12 (6 weeks, 0 days)
Weight - 164.6
Still very hungry and thirsty
Been going to bathroom frequently, including getting up in the middle of the night
Face is broken out
Haven't really noticed too much tiredness

8-28-12 (7 weeks, 6 days)
Weight - 168.8
Hungry ALL the time
Still making frequent bathroom trips, including most nights during the middle of the night
Forehead broken out (along hairline)
Not really too tired & a little more irritable than normal
First midwife visit

9-13-12 (10 Weeks, 1 Day)
Weight - 172.2
Really only get tired in the afternoon (after lunch)
Still VERY hungry all morning and through mid-afternoon, but it decreases quite a bit by dinner time
Been emotional the last couple days and teary

9-25-12 (11 Weeks, 6 Days)
Weight - 172.2
Still tired in late afternoon & seem to be needing more sleep at night
Short fuse with the girls in the evenings - EVERYTHING pushes my buttons
12-week Midwife Visit
My BP - 110/70, Baby Heart Rate - 164

10-9-12 (13 Weeks, 6 Days)
Weight - 174.0
Still trying to get over the cold that I've had for the last 1 1/2 weeks
Otherwise, pretty symptom-free
Looking a little "lumpy" and not yet "bumpy" to me

10-23-12 (15 Weeks, 6 Days)
Weight - 174.6
Still hanging onto final remnants of cold (at least I hope it's the final)
16-Week Midwife Visit
My BP - 120/80, Baby Heart Rate - 150 (took about 5 minutes to find heart beat)
Got flu shot, scheduled ultrasound (11-21-12) and next visit (24 weeks)

11-7-12 (18 Weeks, 0 Days)
Weight - 176.2
Feeling more tired these days, but otherwise no real symptoms
I can locate WHERE the baby is by touch, but I have felt very, very few movements. With my other 4 pregnancies, I am positive I felt consistent movements by this point so that is sometimes a little concerning. If I push on my stomach where I know the baby is, I can feel it shift underneath, but not any real pushback from the baby.

11-21-12 (20 Weeks, 0 Days)
Weight - 182.0
Been feeling the baby move 1-2 times each day for about a week
Had felt lousy since Saturday afternoon (achy and chilled)
Went to ER this morning and diagnosed with severe UTI
Given IV fluids and antibiotics at hospital and then prescription antibiotics
Baby heart rate - 164
Anatomy scan today - See ultrasound photos below

12-5-12 (22 Weeks, 0 Days)
Weight - 181.6
Been feeling pretty consistent movement for about the last 2 weeks
Felt movement from outside earlier this week
Still feeling really good
Getting to the point where I "need" maternity clothes
Told my boss yesterday, and she was thrilled, but not surprised
Telling rest of department heads about pregnancy next week during weekly meeting
Plan to tell friends this weekend

12-17-12 (23 Weeks, 5 Days)
Weight - 184.2
Told friends about 1 1/2 weeks ago, as well as gender - there were a few tears shed (of joy)
Told department heads and rest of staff last week - some were completely shocked, but many had a strong suspicion
Got results of Harmony blood test on 12-12-12 and tested low-risk (1/10,000) for the three trisomies tested
Still feeling really good
24-week Midwife Visit
My BP - 138/84, Baby Heart Rate - 155-160 and active
Next appointment (28 weeks) and glucose test scheduled

1-4-13 (26 Weeks, 2 Days)
Weight - 188.8
Pretty much still feeling great & not really feeling pregnant except for belly
Left leg swelled a very small amount on trip back home from visiting family, but it was fine by the next day
Eczema keeps breaking out on face & 1 spot on back, but not in the other "normal" areas

1-14-13 (27 Weeks, 5 Days)
Weight - 193.6
No real symptoms to complain about - still feeling great!
2-hour glucose test completed (passed!!)
28-week Midwife Visit
My BP - 118/84, Baby Heart Rate - 145 & steady
Measuring at 28 cm
Next appointment (32 weeks) scheduled

1-30-13 (30 Weeks, 0 Days)
Weight - 194.6
Nothing really new to report - still feeling good
Finding it REALLY hard to believe there's only 10 weeks left!!!

2-11-13 (31 Weeks, 5 Days)
Weight - 199.8
Have had a cold for the last week or so, but better than the bronchitis that several others at home have had
Belly is DEFINITELY growing!!
Face seems to be looking fuller
32-Week Midwife Visit
My BP - 118/80, Baby Heart Rate - 156
Measuring at 32 cm
She did ask me what happened with my weight gain since the last appointment. I told her I've had a bit of a sweet tooth and not much interest in meats, which means more carbs. Overall, though, I'm still on target for normal, for me anyhow, weight gain.
Next appointment in 4 weeks

2-27-13 (34 Weeks, 0 Days)
Weight - 200.4
Having a little more difficulty getting comfortable and turning from side to side during the night
Feeling a little more tired overall
There definitely seem to be certain times of the day where baby is more active

3-13-13 (36 Weeks, 0 Days)
Weight - 203.2
No doubt about the face being fuller (thanks, Mom for reminding me)
Got the crib put together this past weekend & all little boy & neutral clothes washed
Some hip/tailbone pain when shifting positions at night so trying out a body pillow to see if that helps
Still need to work on getting a coming home outfit
36-Week Midwife Visit
My BP - 120/88, Baby Heart Rate - 140's
Measuring at 37 cm
Strep B test completed - received results that test was negative on 3-18-13 so no antibiotics necessary this time around
Midwife is almost certain that baby is breech so I'm scheduled for an ultrasound to check position, size, and amniotic fluid levels on Monday, 3-18-13
We also went ahead and scheduled a version for April 2nd to be done at the hospital - she said they usually like to do them at 37-38 weeks, but I have several days where I am unavailable so she didn't ask why and just said we'd work around it - the doctor that does them (and that they recommend) is on vacation most of the last week of March, or I would be doing it then
She figures I will be having a "normal"-sized baby - around 8 pounds
Next appointment in 2 weeks

3-20-13 (37 Weeks, 0 Days)
Weight - 206.0
Hardly any of my shirts are long enough anymore - all are showing my belly so it's best if I can wear my belly band - many of my regular shirts seem to work better than my maternity shirts, particularly if they are stretchy and longer
I don't FEEL that tired, but I feel like I LOOK tired in these pictures
Body pillow seems to be helping some at lessening pressure on hips and tailbone at night
Trying various techniques, as suggested by the midwife and to get baby to turn head down

3-28-13 (38 Weeks, 1 Day)
Weight - 210.6
Still feeling good, but worn out from trip home for sister's shower last weekend
STILL haven't gotten coming home outfit for baby
Plan on tying up remaining loose ends this weekend
38-week Midwife Visit
My BP - 130/86, Baby Heart Rate - 140's
Forgot to ask what I was measuring at
Baby is still breech
Re-scheduled version for next Thursday (4-4-13) since the last receptionist scheduled me with the wrong doctor
Still not scheduled with "correct" doctor, but a better one than the initial one
Next appointment at just over 39 weeks
Midwife anticipates that I will be needing a c-section, but it will depend on how version goes and if baby stays flipped head-down if the version works

4-4-13 (39 Weeks, 1 Day)
Weight - 210.2
Feeling good, but nervous today
All bags packed and ready to go
Version scheduled for this afternoon at hospital
Arrived for my version, and they got me all registered, which means there shouldn't be anything left when I actually have to go in.
They monitored baby for a while and took my blood pressure (145/96). That's not normal for me at all! I told the nurse that I have had trouble with automatic cuffs before, as did my sister, and I was super nervous about the version so she said we'd take it again a little later.
The doctor came in about 45 minutes later or so and did the ultrasound. He kept looking and looking, which was making me even more nervous. Then he asked if I had been checked lately. I told him it was 2-3 weeks ago. He continued with the ultrasound, and I was thinking something must not be right. Then he asked if I minded a cervical check. At this point, there's not much I mind.
The result? Baby is head down, and we never even had to do the version!!! I said that they had told me he was good, and he said he used his telepathic powers to get it to move. Anyhow, I'm 1 cm dilated and 50% effaced, which pretty much means nothing to me. He said he'll plan on seeing me back there in the next week, or sooner, and I told him I'm hoping for later.
The nurse took my blood pressure automatically right before they let me go, and it was 148/103. I knew there was no way that was right so I asked her to take it manually. She took it twice, and it was the same both times - 136/82. A little high for the top number so I'm supposed to keep an eye out for any of the telltale symptoms of hypertension, but the bottom number was pretty normal for me. She said she's never seen that happen before.
I am so very relieved that I didn't have to go through the actual version, and everything looks good! I think the nurse was just as excited as I was!!

4-5-13 (39 Weeks, 2 Days)
39-week Midwife Visit
My BP - 120/82, Baby Heart Rate - 140-145 range
Measuring right at 39 weeks
Due back for next appointment in 1 week
Went over plan for if I go over due date (back at 41 weeks for NST, fluid level check, etc., then start talking induction - won't be allowed to go over 42 weeks)

4-9-13 (39 Weeks, 6 Days)
Forgot to get weight
Water broke at 7 am - Looks like there will be a baby today or tomorrow!!!


8 weeks, 3 days
Measured at 8 weeks, 2 days so EDD remains unchanged
Heart rate - 161

20 weeks, 0 days
All measurements right on target & visualized all body parts
Heart rate - 143
Jasmine & Ana went along.
Tech asked if we wanted to find out, and I looked at Mark, neither of us wanting to decide.
The girls begged for yes, and the tech told us it was up to me, and she would let us know when we needed to make the decision.
When it came time, neither Mark or I wanted to decide so he said to let the girls decide, which we already knew the answer to.
The tech said, "Well, I bet this is something you've never seen on an ultrasound before." We were stunned, to say the least.
A couple minutes later, Mark asked if she was sure that it wasn't a finger, and she said she was certain.
She couldn't get any "good" shots to print out, but Mark told her it was okay because there are some things you don't need to show everyone.
I'm still in shock, but also excited. A boy!!!

Side ViewFront of FaceArteries/Veins - Just think this one is cool
21 weeks, 0 days
Had been referred to maternal fetal medicine due to thickened nuchal fold reading at anatomy scan
Met with genetic counselor
Had Level 3 ultrasound, and she confirmed it IS a boy
Heart rate - 141
Met with high-risk specialist, and based on nuchal fold readings of 5.5 and 5.6, he believes we may be have been screened as a false positive
All limbs and other areas are growing correctly
All 4 chambers of the heart are working properly
There is a nasal bone
The spine, kidneys, brain, etc. all look great
Decided to have Harmony blood test to have a definitive answer (Results came back with 1/10,000 chance for all 3 trisomies)

3-18-13 (no pictures - she didn't print any since she couldn't get a profile shot)
36 weeks, 5 days
Baby is definitely breech - feet are in my lower stomach, butt is to my left side, and head is on the upper right
Baby's face is facing my back
Took measurements of all organs/limbs - Nearly everything was measuring larger than my actual date
She estimated current weight of baby at 7 lbs, 12 oz, and says it is correct within 1 lb, 3 oz
Head and abdomen were measuring at over 40 weeks, femur at over 38 weeks
The tech was not very chatty so we didn't get a ton of information out of her
Based on ultrasound, still need to go ahead with scheduled version on April 2nd

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