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August 28th, 2012, 07:41 AM
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oh momma... I am with PP on this.. I had a 9.6lb baby with a VERY big head. I can't remember the circumference for the life of me, but he still has a big head lol. I had him vaginally and it was no issue at all. Your body will grow a baby you can birth. The whole history behind "big babies" was when rickets was a real issue with women, making their pelvis malformed and would not allow a baby to be born through it. That is obviously no issue today, yet many Drs can't let go of that.

I am fully expecting a large baby this time around too, I wouldn't be surprised with a 10lber lol. I will do it vaginally - because my body was meant to do it! Don't let it stress you can do it!
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