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August 29th, 2012, 03:45 PM
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For the last 2 years I walked my son to/from school and there were at least a handful of times the crossing guard almost got hit(as in he had to jump out of the way!) plus dozens more where a car was coming quickly and slammed on their brakes. The guard was standing in the middle on the road with a neon orange vest and red stop sign right in front of the school-how do people not pay attention? Oh wait, they think they are more important than anyone else on the road!

Now my son rides a bus because of going to a gifted program at another school and on Monday while the kids were getting off the bus a van who felt they didn't need to wait pulled out from behind the bus and turned left. Thankfully the 2 girls who cross in front of the bus and across the main road of our subdivision had not gotten off yet otherwise they could have been hit. Luckily the car behind that one honked his horn which got everyone's attention. The car that turned then got stuck behind another bus after they turned so I was able to run and get their license plate number so the bus driver could turn it in to the police department.

I also agree that kids need to be taught to look and everything, but you have to remember they are the kids, not the adults driving heavy vehicles!

Plus the amount of time added to your drive if you go thru a school zone and have to slow down is SO minimal!
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