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August 30th, 2012, 08:21 AM
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ABC Picture Contest

About: Each letter corresponds to the "theme" in the picture! Example A is for "Angel"

Rules: It has to feature your LO in the picture and once the theme for the letter has been chosen, pictures will be submitted to me via PM. They will then be posted in a poll and the winner is the one that receives the most votes

How to play: Every Monday we'll post a suggestion "box" for what the theme for the letter of the week will be. Then wed. we will make a pill and we can vote/choose one of the suggestions! On Wed. we will post the chosen theme and then wait till the following Monday to receive entries via PM! That night we will post the picture poll and voting will take place till the following monday (1 week)... Then we can move on to the next letter and go from A to Z We'll try to get a little graphic made for the winner of the week and post the graphic in this thread.

Pictures cannot be enhanced or photoshopped in any way! To make it fair...

So let's get some cute and silly pictures of our LO's up!!!
We got a late start, but let's hear some suggestions for the letter A. Angel, Angry, Animals... anything else? If we have some good suggestions posted today and tomorrow, we can start voting tomorrow evening and maybe get a few pics in by monday noonish to start our first contest. When you're ready to submit your themed pic, PM inbox it to me.
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