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August 30th, 2012, 01:03 PM
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Originally Posted by *Jennifer* View Post
I have never heard of 50 mph in a school zone. That seems a bit too fast. Over here it is 25mph.

I am wondering if the person who posted on facebook lives or works in an area where there are people who have no regard for safety in a crosswalk. I know the city I work in has people who just go whenever they please, even after the light turns green for those who would be driving through the crosswalk. Then they walk like turtles not giving a crap about anyone else.

I know that has nothing to do with school crosswalk, but it provided a forum for me to vent.
kmph hun, it's in Canada. But yes, the residential speed limit is 6mph higher in Canada than in the states anyway, so it's even faster through a school zone.

And yes, the person lives in the big city, just got his first car and views children as an unfortunate necessary evil to the world. 99/100 I agree with him on things, but never when it comes to children. He seems to think they're born with immediate maturity and people just coddle it out of them.....

A teacher aide friend of mine said this. She doesn't like to get into debates so I'm posting it for her with out her name.

i don't post on the debate board just lurk, but want to add that kids are still developing that skill where they stop and think before doing. Young kids (say kindergarten, first, and even second grade) can and do dart after a ball or whatever without thinking first. Even kids who know better will occasionally "forget" and run out. Heck, even adults do it from time to time.
And that's something I hadn't though of, though since I've done nothing but complain about DSS's lack of impulse control for over a week, it should have been what I was thinking of. If one of our kids went into the road, we'd go after them, regardless of what might happen to us. They are the most important thing to us. Well.. to a kid, that level of importance is changed, something like a ball, or their pencil case could prompt them to go after it with out as much as a second thought.
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