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August 30th, 2012, 06:03 PM
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Chloe has eaten rice and oatmeal cereal since 4 months, since about 5 months I've slowly been introducing a vegi and fruit her and there. She loved everything when she had it but butternut squash got grainy after freezing (made own) and she didn't like it next go around.... don't necessarily blame her.... so I didn't force it. Carrot started out a bit grainy but she seems to be handling it Ok.

Anyways we have always LOVED sweet potatoes as well as our fruits (I think she has a sweet tooth like her parents ) Yesterday I noticed that we weren't excited to take our sweet potatoes to begin with but after a few bites were just fine. Well this morning she gagged when I tried to feed her sweet potatoes and threw up. She does this on occasion (not just while feeding) because of trapped air so I didn't really attribute it to the sweet potatoes, but then we gagged through several more bites and I mixed it with peaches to get her to take the rest.

This afternoon we were wanting to gag on the carrots mixed in some rice and we got it down with alot of shuddering and gagging..... but yet we weren't refusing to eat and still opened our mouth
As a reward for making it through all the gagging I gave her some pears... she gagged a bit till she realized what they were.

Is this something they just go through? Like I said she has always loved her sweet potatoes and I know she needs her veggies....Ideas?

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