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August 30th, 2012, 07:02 PM
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Thanks to everyone who's been following me through this - I really appreciate that you all care

Jen - no one has ever mentioned a polyp before. I never complained about the clotting or anything before though. Was it you that was asking about clots recently?

CD 13 is the earliest I've ever ovulated, unless I've been wrong this whole time, which would suck. I also usually have 2 days of + opks before I O, and it just barely turned positive this morning, AND I haven't felt my normal O pains. I know the u/s must be right, so maybe it's all just due to the medication It is pretty sweet knowing exactly when I O'd and not having to overanalyze timing. Between BD and the IUI, our timing was great. I really think we're covered already, but we're supposed to go the next 2 days. I'm not sure I can really make DH go again tonight after last night and this afternoon. His sample was already of less than ideal volume due to, I assume, BDing last night.
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