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August 30th, 2012, 08:11 PM
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Well, my appointment went ok. Didn't really get any answers yet though. She did say she doesn't plan on going with Coumadin, so I was happy about that. She wants to do more investigating with my blood work before making any decisions about a plan for me though. So she had me get 10 viles of blood drawn today for various things, some I've never heard of lol. She also told me to go back to my gyn & get worked up for PCOS because she thinks I might have that too. I really hope I don't, I don't want any more issues trying to get pregnant. She also told me I have Livedo Reticularis, which I guess is some type of vascular condition. I don't know anything about it so I guess I'll be on google searching for info, but it sounds like it isn't much of anything to worry about.. or so I hope. I am pretty sure I have some kind of hormone issue going on & I've gained weight in the last couple months, so maybe it could be contributed to that, idk. Now I just gotta wait for the blood tests to come back & then see the hematologist again & hope for some answers. Also get back to the gyn for a work up for PCOS. Ugh. Not the best of news today, but I still have hope that somehow it will all work out.

That is a high dose of lovonox, but your right, it does vary from person to person for all kinds of reasons. You are so lucky you didn't gain much weight from your pregnancies! I bet if I got pregnant I would have a lot of issues with weight gain, but I'm hoping since I'm conscious of that, maybe I can try extra hard to get the right amount of nutrients & still keep the weight down, who knows. I know its hard for so many women. You are very lucky! Two kids is probably all I could handle too! lol. Thats wonderful you have one girl & one boy Thats what I would want, one of each. I bet that 4 yr old keeps you busy, thats the age where they are starting to get in to everything lol! Thank you for helping keep me sane the last couple days. You are absolutely right though, normal pregnancy or not, there can always be issues. Adding stress doesn't help, so its better to not worry so much. Which I am terrible about! But I'm going to work on it

Here I go again with my long replies. I'll try to keep the rest of it quick since I'm starting a novel again.. but I wanted to tell you, at my appt today a nurse approached me about signing up with this program they started. Its not a study, but more like collecting data about bleeding/clotting disorders. All personal info & name etc are not listed. I assume with the information they are trying to gather, there will be more studies in the future. But I of course signed up.. anything I can do to help them learn more about it the better. Plus there is next to no info about my deficiency.. at least not like alot of the others. I can't remember what this thing they started is called, but if I find out again I'll let you know. My hemo specializes in bleeding & clotting disorders so this is part of her team working on this data. Anway, just thought you might be interested to know about it. Not that it really makes any kind of difference with anything right now though.
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