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August 31st, 2012, 11:20 AM
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We always know when you are doing it.

C had this horrible rash that we were treating as jock itch, because BF gets it really easily too. BM swore she was putting the cream on him 3 times a day and that she didn't know why it was getting worse.....

This rash was so bad when he came back to us 3 and a half days later that it was almost bleeding...we kept going with the anti fungal cream and left him diaper free( we are potty training because of this rash) and after 2 full days and a pointless ped appt his rash is almost gone....

why lie when you are only hurting your child.

She had been so great lately that I wasnt expecting a lie from her at all. It breaks my heart.

She had been working really hard to be friendly and even complimented me last saturday. We are both working to have a good relationship so C can see we are all one big unit.

This just reminds me of how awful she can be. I almost garuntee that C comes back and no one in her family keeps up with the potty training thing.

SO frustrating
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