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August 31st, 2012, 11:44 AM
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Figured I'd put this in one single post for reference. I have to use it twice a day until I'd reach 14dpo.

Progesterone side effect post:


Dose 1 - (Aug 30th PM) Arms burned a little after application. Could be 100% psychological since I'm allergic to so many creams I often imagine they burn.

Dose 2- (Aug 31st AM) B6/prenatal no burning this time at all. Found out that it can burn a new application site. So no big deal. Noticed after second dose (3hrs later) that all breast pain has disappeared. It had been severe last night. Did develop a headache, but that might have been from Reme.

Dose 3 - (Aug 31st PM) No side effect that I can notice. Did have a large quanity of Creamy CM at midnight. Some breast pain returned, but so little it's not even on my radar unless I check. Very broken sleep. VIVID DREAM

Dose 4- (Sept 1st AM) B6/prenatal Applied with right hand to right thigh. Nothing to note. Minimal breast pain (usually by now I'd be wearing a bra at night). I do feel "wetter" but I'm still not having any CM.

Dose 5 - (Sept 1st PM) No mid night or morning breast pain. Did have another large gob of creamy CM when I woke up in the morning. Very broken sleep. VIVID DREAM

Dose 6 - (Sept 2nd AM) B6/prenatal right hand/thigh again. Nothing to note other than a gob of creamy CM. I feel surprisingly Pre-O (I did let some Post O symptoms come before I started the cream just to be sure).

Dose 7 - (Sept 2nd PM) Nada except some broken sleep, but that again could be the B6. No Vivid dreams no gobs of cm.

Dose 8 - (Sept 3rd AM) B6/Prenatal left hand/thigh. Nothing to note. I am still feeling VERY wet, but have no CM at all.

Dose 9 - (Sept 3rd PM) Had some Creamy CM after this dose, but not until after midnight. Nothing else to note.

Dose 10 - (Sept 4th AM) B6/Prenatal left hand, belly. Still having the creamy CM. Also having fantastic cramps since last night, but I doubt this is the progesterone. LOL.

Dose 11 - (Sept 4th PM) R hand belly. Creamy CM. Still have the cramps.

Dose 12 - (Sept 5th AM) R hand left arm. I forgot to take my prenatal and B6, and it's way too late to take them or I'll be awake all night. I took them late yesterday and was awake until 6am (12hrs after I remembered to take them yesterday).

Dose 13 - (Sept 5th PM) I had to get up and do it, I forgot about it (we had a fight). I think it was L hand r arm. Vivid dream again last night. Cramps are still kicking around.

Dose 14 - (Sept 6th AM) R hand L arm. I'm taking the prenatal, but not the B6, we got up too late. we need to start getting back up at 11am, not 3pm. *sigh*

Dose 15 - (Sept 6th PM) R hand L arm. Lost of CM, nothing else other than cramps. Did have some pink streaked cm tonight.

Dose 16 - (Sept 7th AM) L hand L thigh, taking prenatal and B6 today. Boobs are hurting now despite the cream. Very sensitive to the touch/pressure. I dunno if that's a good sign, or bad. LOL.

Dose 17 - (Sept 7th PM) R hand L thigh. oops. Touch of a headache, boobs still hurt, and I'm one heck of a witchy gal today. Vivid dream last night

Dose 18 - (Sept 8th AM) R hand L arm.

Dose 19 - (Sept 8th PM) R hand L arm. Boobs are hurting quite a bit. Starting to find it hard to fall asleep at night. Very very moody.
12dpo - af due today

Dose 20 - (Sept 9th AM) L hand R arm. Boobs are still hurting more than since starting the cream. Exhausted today and still moody.

Dose 21 - (Sept 9th PM) I have had some spotting just prior to this dose. I'm not sure exactly if it means it's not working and AF is going to start or what. But it's 1:13am so she is OFFICIALLY late.

Conclusion. Shortly after the 1:13 update my flow started. Just enough to say it added an extra day to my cycle. While I did have resolution of symptoms like Breast Tenderness, the progesterone didn't really seem to do much for my overall cycle. I guess I won't ever really know that unless we get pregnant again.

Interesting Studly done on Oral vs Topical that shows very little difference in the outcome of both blood level wise. Since most Oral Progesterone is filtered out by the liver, you only get about 10% of it anyway, where as you get most of what goes through the skin. It's a pdf so adobe will open to "download" it.

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