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August 31st, 2012, 07:46 PM
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I am newly saved but thought maybe I could help a little =))) I recently read, and forgive me bc I can't remember the words exactly, but during Jesus' time there were a bunch of men about to condemn and procecute a woman who had committed adultery; which we know is wrong according to the bible. Well, Jesus looked at them and basically said " are you free of sin?" They could not say no, and therefore he looked at the woman and said basically "don't do it again, you are forgiven." and let her go. I think this illustrates that TRULY NOTHING CAN SEND US TO hell or take us from the LORD...not any action/work because all our "works are like filthy rags" even those who think they live a perfect life; really don't because we are born of sin. The only thing we need to do is accept him, have faith in him, and try our best. You may not be married and that "may be against the bible" but everyone does things that are against the bible or GOD'S way because we are human. It seems to me that you are struggling in you heart to forgive yourself when GOD has already forgiven you through CHRIST!! =)) Keep praying and knowing that you can only do what is possible in the moment, and some moments less than others. I struggle with teaching my children too bc dh is Jewish and the rest of my fam is not Christians so I worry about them getting confused, people being mad at me, etc...etc.

Stick around....maybe we can all grow stronger in our faith together!! belief, is that an actual church is man made...ti is a symbol and structure for us to worship in but GOD is not materialistic....he wants a relationship with YOU, going to church , though great for fellowship, is a work. There are so many that go to church and sit there out of obligations while some never go and have a stronger/more sincere relationship with GOD.

Bless sound like you are so honest with yourself and that in itself is BEAUTIFUL!!! =))
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